Here’s the installation instructions:

  • Go to PrestaShop control panel, tab Modules>Modules
  • Click on “Add a new module”
  • Follow the instructions there
  • Configure the module by setting merchant id and secret to the values given to you by Paytrail
  • If you paid Paytrail for skipping their payment selection page, select “preselect gateway” tick box and choose the payment gateways that you want to have. Make sure selected gateways are enabled at Paytrail also.
  • Tweak translations and test that all works
  • If all does not work, contact me using the below form


There’s some limitations with the module still. If I get enough requests from users to address them, I will. Currently you need to take into account:

  • If you want to use Klarna, customers need to provide their phone number at a previous step during checkout
  • Currently you can’t change the order of payment methods when skipping Paytrail payment page (alphabetical order)


Here’s a couple of screenshots, first with “preselect gateway” and then without. Maybe they are of some help.








If the above material failed to solve your issue, contact me below: